Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 3

My fella is back in town :D so we went for some delicious pho.

We had streamed dumplings (so GOOD). I had Vietnamese crepes which are essentially fried dough and bean sprouts ( see I'm keeping my resolutions)  and they even come with salad.  My fella had pho.   They have the best and freshest thai basil I've ever had.   They also have amazing jasmine tea. I got a nice hot pot of it since yesterday wad the coldest day we've had all year.

My "fortune" was pretty lame.  Plus I enjoy cooking and can make "good taste".
(Also you instead of your)

We went to pho hanoi .  It's one of our favorite places in town.   Try it sometime.  (no, this is not a paid endorsement, just my humble opinion )