Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 6

So, school's back in session and it's been some the coldest days of the year here in FL. It's pretty entertaining to see undergrads in their lack of preparation/need to show skin.

But I did have a great time heating my place with my oven.
I made some banana bread based on this banana bread.  Only I didn't follow the directions.
I used splenda ( I somehow ran out of regular sugar) and added an extra 1/4 cup.
I used extremely rip bananas-like the kind that mash with almost not effort.  And excluded the walnuts.  I had no desire to take out my stand mixer so I fudged the directions so that I could manage without having to use my other hand for anything but holding the bowl.  So I mixed all of the ingredients- making sure to crack the eggs in a colored bowl to make sure that I could see any shell flakes.  Also, I used sea salt (because I also ran out of that), I've done it in waffles before; surprisingly, it does not effect the flavor/texture of things.   (I know that Alton wouldn't approve, but meh. ) While I was doing that, I melted the butter- in a mug in a skillet on the stove (sadly I do not have a microwave).  After mixing everything together, I added the melted butter and mixed everything for a few minutes to make sure the flour was well incorporated.  I would maybe cook it for 5-10 minutes less than indicated, as mine had quite a thick layer of crust on it.  --The fella really liked it, and I had some with chocolate ice cream :).  Well at least I can now officially say that I've made banana bread.
While the bread was in the oven.  I made some delicious jasmine tea... And some one pot pasta. So this was definitely one of those things I'd never heard of until Pinterest.  I used this as a general outline.  I did not follow directions since I like crispier veggies in something like this.   After letting the pasta cook, we strained it and I added some bell peppers in the pasta so they could cook some.  After a few minutes I added the spinach and tomatoes so the spinach could soften some.  For plating I added the mozzarella and avocado.  I know that this might sound like a strange combo, but really, it was a good mix.  ( I may or may not have added to much cayenne making the pasta mostly inedible-but the rest was very good).

All in all, it took about an hour to get all this done, which was great, seeing as I have this problem with taking on way too much .

Hmmmm, maybe I should actually whip out my camera camera for things like this.