Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dobos torte

Dobos (the s is pronounced with a sh sound) torte (e sounds like a long a) is a traditional Hungarian cake.   It's very showy having 6-9 layers of thin cake

My lovely friend requested one for her birthday.  So since I've never made a cake with confectioners sugar in the batter nor cut up sheet cakes for layering,  I made a practice cake.  Thank goodness I did.   This is my first"nailed it" ever.   At least out was only in appearance and not in taste.  

I followed smitten kitchen's (photo above), with a helpful forward ( that I must've read at least a dozen times before attempting). It seemed if she can do It in a tiny kitchen I can do it. It did NOT go well. Initially it was going well.  The batter is fussy needing lots off mixing die to all the eggs, but even with the wrist handicap,  it came out well.  The batter was thick and I made sure to take my time with the eggs.   But alas, the cake got "pre-boiled" a bit.  (Someone turned on the wrong burner on the stove.) Then the cake still took like 15 minutes to bake instead of 5 as the recipe indicated.  Then it was a nightmare getting it of the wax paper.  So this is what my Dobos torte came out.   However,  after being set in the fridge for a day it does have pretty layers (albeit with some inconsistencies ) and everyone thinks it tastes delicious. 

Although I don't think I'll be making this cake batter again anytime soon, the icing is a keeper for sure with half a pound of sugar and butter. :)