Thursday, April 24, 2014

Torreya Trip

So recently, I/we went on a trip to Torreya State Park in Florida's pan-handle.
It. was. A-MAZ-ing.
First of all the park was sooooo clean, the camp site were awesome (although we lucked out and went the same as some huge bday party for a kid [again sarcasm should have its own font]).
Also, I learned a few more plant names, saw/heard a lot of birds. The park ranger (ranger Rob) is awesome!
I warn you, this is a picture heavy post.
wild azalea

tiny red cedar

What beetles can do to trees

fuzzy plant babies


crazy cypress knees


cool fallen tree



another type of Vaccinium

Raccoon print

Being down in the rim swamp (swamp that is on the rim of a river basin) was awesome! 

And we were lucky enough to not have any run-ins with Copperheads, but did get to see this cute little black racer.

If you look at its eye you can see it's prepping to molt

Even the camp grounds had a vista.

We kept seeing these petals when we were hiking, but could not find the source, until we got to the plantation...

They are from Tulip poplars.

I ate an excessive amount of marshmallows.

And Saw my first bald eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can't wait to get a telephoto)

What is also cool about Torreya is that it is the only place the Torreya tree lives/grows.  They apparently got Christmas tree farmed previously, which devastated their population.  

There was a plain plantain house on the property (which I managed to not get a picture of).  But honestly inside was way cooler.
super awesome piano!

Check out this cool chair made from spinning wheels.  It's believed to have been made by the slaves and given to the master. 


And the piece de resistance:
An old school, museum quality Singer sewing machine.


The view from outside

The vista from the mansion

So this is the fourth time I've gone camping, and this was the first time I've stayed more than one night.
It was SO. MUCH. FUN. I'd highly recommend this park.  It has vistas (I thought that was physically impossible in Florida) and is kept well.

The crew
Do you have any state park recommendations?