Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunglasses Strap DIY / tutorial

So a while back the fella got a pair of Costas and really wanted a strap/croakie.
He wanted something that could float (or at least take longer to sink) and he didn't want ones that had very long strings.
So, as a collaboration we made this sunglasses strap.

What's different about these is that they have aquarium tubing in the strap so that they float/sink more slowly.

Here's a short tutorial on how to make one for yourself. 

What you will need

~A pair of sunglasses (these have the pre-made holes in the stems)
~Smallest aquarium tubing you can find (I got mine at Petsmart)--note if you don't want to get in trouble, don't open the packing to see how flat you can get it *shrug*
~Sturdy fabric remnant - I used a camo twill let over from making a pillow
~A tube turner
~sewing machine

Let's begin

1. Cut a strip of fabric your desired length (~12-18 inches is good)
2. Cut your tubing to ~2/3 of the fabric strip length

3. Fold fabric right sides together with tubing inside. Like so...
If you would like a tighter fit, place the tubing underneath your foot, making sure that you leave some space because you need space for your seam allowance.  It's really awkward trying to squish the tubing and measure it so I found this an easier way to start off. Make sure that you leave the tubing outside of the fabric a few inches so that you can easily pull it out.  

4. Trim you fabric close to the stitched edge
5. Use your loop turner to pull your fabric right side out.  I would not recommend a quick turner for this unless you can find ones smaller than what Joanns carries.  

6. Now, insert your aquarium tubing into the fabric tube.  I recommend using a wooden skewer ( you know the ones you have on hand cause it's summertime, which means it's grillin time) to get the tubing in all the way.

7. GENTLY push the fabric ends through the holes in the stems of the sunglasses. 

8. Tie in a knot or use cobra stitching to secure.

9. Enjoy!