Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Free Tutorial Sewing Month

There a TON of free resources on the web to get sewing and to be quite frank.  While most of them are for children, there are still quite a few for the ladies (not so much for the men though).  So, for the next month (i.e. July) I will be using them (and only them) to do some “selfish” sewing (i.e. nothing for children)

My goals for this are:
1.       To use tutorials that either include a pattern or are based off of your own measurements.
2.       To blog more regularly and have more “substantial” posts.
3.       Make my fabric stash more reasonable.
4.       To have luggage to travel with. 
5.       Make 10 items (this will give me three days per item)
6.       Increase my handmade wardrobe.
7.       Decrease my store bought wardrobe.
8.       Get rid of the itch from not buying any clothes for the last 6 months (that resolution is SO hard to keep at times)

I have to make (at least):
1.       One men’s item
2.       One item with a self- dyed/stamped material
3.       One purse/clutch
4.       Two dresses
5.       Two traveling bags
6.       Three items with trimmings (i.e. foe, ric rac, etc.)
7.       Three items with knits

I cannot make more than:
1.       One tote bag
2.       One simple elastic waisted skirt
3.       Two circle skirts
4.       Four Bags in total

Some extra rules for myself:
1.       I can only keep an item if I get rid of one from my closet
2.       I will be limiting myself to my stash and thrifting for all fabrics.   (yikes!)
3.       If it’s not fun, find another project to work on.  Sewing should be fun!!!

Of course feel no obligation to use my rules.  Really the only reason that I have any rules laid out is so that I have to be accountable to stick to this.  (Even if no one reads this.)

With that in mind I will do a few round-ups of free tutorials so that you can take your pick and maybe follow along.   I’d love to see anything you’re working on.