Wednesday, January 29, 2014

lasagna sans ricotta

So, I had this craving for lasagna but not the kind that I normally make; the kind that my mom used to make.
I called her up apparently the secret to her cheesy delicious gooeyness is..... (drumroll please)

White American cheese.  ---yeah, as in the singles that go on your sandwich and have way too much packaging.   Mind you my mom has lived in Rome and speaks Italian.  

And since Mozzeralla is not my favorite ---what it doesn't make your mild lactose intolerance-which you got from drinking a entire half gallon of milk in one setting- seem very severe.  No, just me.  Meh *shrug*

So, I fuzzed my taste with hers and here's what I came up with.

~~~Also, bump sliced bread, oven ready noodles are AMAZING.  Saves on space, 2nd degree hand burns, and more broken noodles than the (happy) beast can eat.  ~~~

What you'll need

1 or 2 jars of pasta sauce (with mushrooms)
Fresh spinach
1 bunch of green onions
package of white american singles
some Parmesan
1 package of provolone cheese
1 package of oven ready noodles
3 oz. (minimum of prosciutto)

1. slice the green onions ans sautée with the spinach.  Pour sauce into pan.

Layer the noodles and cover with some sauce

Cheese 1

Cheese 2


Repeat this.
Top the noodles with sauce and then with Parmesan. 

It was delicious, cheezy goodness.  and fantastic leftovers :)