Wednesday, January 29, 2014

turban headband tutorial (with a bow option)

So, I made a circle/square skirt for the munchkin.  It's her Christmas present from last year (i.e. 2012 ).  I know, but better late than never right?

Anywhozers, I had some left over fabric so I decided a super cute matching headband would be a great way to prevent me from adding anything to my scrap stash.

(please ignore my frizzies)

Cute, huh.

They are really easy to make and if you have a knit that does have a right and a wrong side, there is very minimal sewing to do.

What you'll need

  • 10x24" scrap of knit fabric 
  • scissors
  • needle/sewing machine
  • thread

1. Begin by making some strips.  Mine were 5x24".    If you have fabric with no apparent right side you can skip the next step.

2.Sew one strip right-sides together along the long edge.  Flip right sides out.  Repeat with the other piece of fabric.

You now have  two tubes of fabric.

3. Cross your tubes like so

4. Now fold your strips so they are linked, matching the short ends (looks like a certain chromosome, no?)

5. Try on the headband and see where you need to sew.  Make it as tight as you need it.

6. Sew the short ends together.

Now if you'd like the bow option.

6. Sew one pair of (opposite) bands together).

7.  Knot the other two (opposite) bands together

8.  If your ends are too long, clip them.

Now you have a beautiful headband.