Sunday, January 12, 2014

McCall's 6560

So, a little while back (i.e. 1+ yr) I decided that using patterns would be a good idea since I wanted to learn more about clothing construction.  

Well there was a $1 pattern sale and I picked this up
McCall's 6560
And I had this great quilting cotton

Let's call it blue farm fabric.  I really think this fabric is lovely.  I mean, come on, it has a farm wind pump on it.  
This took quite a bit of time for me to finish.  It's been a while since I've induldged in some selfish sewing so this sat untouched for a year.  (*shrugs*)

I may or may not of been overly ambitious in adding self drafted pockets and may or may not of forgotten how much skinnier wrists are compared to palms.  But with the help of my handy dandy seam ripper and a good chunk of a Radio-Lab episode, all ended up well. 

The back of the dress is pretty cool.  with criss-crossing straps and buttons.  The dress also features darts, gathering (self-added), and pleats.

close-up of back
~~~please ignore the stray threads and difficulties with the top of the invisible zipper, losing the last page of instructions might be the issue here~~

I think I will make this one again.  It was good practice for fitting (thanks Phyn) and learning to pay attention to how much ease a pattern has.  It's so comfortable and suits a fun print pretty well. 

As an added bonus I got a lovely gift all the way from England.  (They are not sold in the US)

From the junketer  :)

The Fella and me :)