Monday, June 30, 2014

Haiiroookami Skirt

I made this a little while back and just hadn't had the chance to get photos taken.
So to begin the name of the skirt.  While I was doing the bulk of this skirt I was listening to a podcast of snap judgement, and I really enjoyed the story on the 06 wolf.  (I highly recommend listening to it).  The name translates to grey wolf in Japanese. Put it into Google translate, it sounds just ever so cute in Japanese. 

It's a simple skirt with an invisible zipper and a few rows of elastic in the back. 

A little closer.  The elastic makes it very comfy to wear all day and since I made it based on my measures it hits right above the knee, which I prefer since I have such short legs.

My photographer was getting fed up of my fake smile.  I had a good laugh at that. 

And of course the (photogenic) beast had to be included.

 Hope you're having a great day!