Friday, June 27, 2014

My First Quilt

So a while back I saw this tutorial for a kids sleeping bag; I shared it as a WIP a couple months ago.  While I don't have a child, I do have a dog that is need of a new bed.  I also happened to have all of the materials on hand, and really wanted my first quilt to be stress free (i.e. if I mess up it won't matter, cuz well he's a dog).

It's not perfect but I think it's pretty cute.  It might be a little effeminate but again he's a dog and I like the colors quite a bit.  Like most minpins, the beast  loves to borrow so I thought a sleeping bag would be great.  For now I think it will stay a quilt cause it's terribly hot in Florida right now and the (lazy) beast loves to sprawl all over it.

Check out the back.

I choose to do sets of three lines in a square, getting wider and wider in the center.  

The (snuggly) beast seems to love it.  He plopped down on it as soon as I gave it to him and when I took it out for photos he wouldn't let me get a picture without him in it.