Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 198: Plantains galore

I made an upside-down plantain gingerbread cake for some friends' going party.  
I actually made this cake 3 times 9 days.  I even forgot the butter one time and it still came out well.  I have every intention of perfecting this recipe and making it as often as possible :). 
I made a lame washi tape label for the cake so that I did not have to explain what it was a dozen times. 

For the party, I was feeling pretty funky that day (I'm pretty sure I brought some frenemies back from my trip) and needed a little pick me up. 

So I whipped up this Plantain shirt from Deer and Doe (FREE pattern here). 

I used fold-over elastic (FOE) for the neck binding.  It was the first time I've ever used FOE and while it was not perfect I think it came out pretty well. I also did not hem this shirt at all; another reason to love sewing with knits. It fits well and the tissue knit and the drapey shape are great for the summer heat and will be great for layering in the fall/winter.  Promise I'll take more detailed photo and share.