Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 228

Made this cake for a friend's goung away.  It's not the prettiest but it took only 3 hours to make from scratch to leaving for the party so not too shabby considering time restraints. And a big thanks to my fella for being a great sous otherwise it would've taken me like 5 hours ( I get distracted easily and usually end up scorching white chocolate)
It's a white chocolate cake with a rose buttercream frosting.  Everyone tought it was tasty.  Next time I'll use rose extract instead of water.  The water  ( even after putting in ~6x what the recipe called for) gives too subtle a flavor.  
This was my first time making a buttercream.  I think there will more of this in my future once the weather cools down some.  I iced the cake and the fella did the decorations.  
Hope you're having a great day.